Asbury Park Surf Music Interview: The Nebulas


On Saturday August 27, the third annual Asbury Park Surf Music Festival will take place at The Anchor’s Bend at Conventional Hall in Asbury Park.

This year will feature a number of cool new bands like The Nebulas. We recently caught up with the band to talk about all things surf music.

The Nebulas Are (Band Members & Instruments They Play): Mike “Mig” Dominguez (lead guitar); Jim Nichols (drums); Dan Ware (rhythm guitar); Eric Grammer (bass); Chip Hawthorne (rhythm guitar).

We Formed In: 2001.

We’re Based Out Of: Providence, RI.

The Story Behind Our Name: It was 15 years ago, but to the best of our recollection, we were leaning toward a space-themed name and domain was available and lent itself well to a logo. Also, it seemed more appropriate than the Duvel-tones, which was a close runner up.

Our Sound Has Been Likened To: A sloppy version of Satans Pilgrims with some Wangs thrown in for good measure.


Think back to that first Nebulas show ever — how has the band evolved since then? Also, any funny stories from the early days of the band?

The first show ever was in midtown Manhattan with the Coffin Daggers (July 2001) – the club wouldn’t hang the poster because it was deemed too risqué. Since then, our sound has devolved a bit and we’ve lost a considerable amount of speed, agility and skill — not that we had much to begin with. There are other stories involving mid practice wiffle ball/frisbee injuries, petting zoos, gigs at foreign prisons and many fun shows at The Asbury Lanes over the years!


What do you love about being in The Nebulas?

The 401(k) plan and health benefits have gotten better over the years – flexible work/practice schedules and occasional weenie roasts.

There’s an endless sea of surf bands, and bands influenced by the surf sound — what separates you guys from everyone else?

Land, distance and large bodies of water… and we wear different skull masks than other bands who wear skull masks.

What is it about surf music that inspired you to form a band and play this type of music?

We can’t/don’t sing and lack the chops necessary for forming a Swedish Black Metal band- that and the fact we’re not Swedish.


What is the ultimate surf rock anthem of all-time, and why?

Merrell Fankhauser – “We Love Tikis”

What is your ultimate go-to surf-inspired/beachy style drink (e.g. Mai-Tai, Zombie, Margarita, a specific beer, etc.)?

YooHoo and Tequila.

What are you most excited about for the band for the rest of 2016?

After the AP Surf Fest, which we’re pretty excited about, we’ll keep working on new stuff- hopefully release a new album at some point… but don’t hold your breath.


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  1. Entertaining interview but I came here to find out more having been impressed with their Asbury Park set. All I could find was a website last updated in 2008 and some albums that are seemingly unavailable to purchase. I’m assuming this was a one-off gig. Disappointing because the band kicks some serious ass – would like to have seen a full follow-up show. Either way, thanks for the great set, guys.

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