Netflix Unveils New Luke Cage Trailer


Netflix Unveils New Luke Cage Trailer

Netflix just gave fans another look at Marvel’s Luke Cage, releasing the series’ main trailer on YouTube. Netflix and Marvel previously showed off a teaser during the show’s San Diego Comic-Con panel last month.

In addition to new footage expanding on a reluctant Cage’s crusade against the gangs in Harlem, longtime Marvel fans might recognize an allusion to Luke’s early comic book history, when he went by the moniker “Power Man.”

Those who watch the trailer will notice the song “Walk on By” by the late Isaac Hayes, co-composer for the 1971 blaxploitation classic Shaft, which the Luke Cage comics initially resembled. Also in the trailer is the “Heart Is Full” remix by Miike Snow and Run the Jewels, which drills home the series’ fusion of decades old soul and contemporary hip hop.

Luke Cage will debut September 30 and star Mike Colter as the titular character, with Simone Missick as the superheroine Misty Knight, Mahershala Ali as gangster Cornell Stokes/Cottonmouth, Frankie Faison as Pop, Rosario Dawson as nurse Claire Temple, and Oscar nominee and four-time Emmy winner Alfre Woodard as politician Mariah Dillard AKA Black Mariah.

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