iTunes Trailer for Yoga Hosers Officially Released

iTunes Trailer for Yoga Hosers Officially Released

The official trailer for Kevin Smiths new film dropped today on iTunes, and it is looking like it is going to be one of his “wurst.”Yoga_Hosers_poster

The trailer shows our two heroines of the film Harley Quinn Smith and Lilly Rose Depp, who in real lifeĀ are the daughters of Smith himself and some unknown talent by the name of Johnny Depp, fighting some “Bratzis” and protecting the world from the future apocalypse that may come from them.

While the teaser trailer dropped a few weeks back for the film, this trailer delvers so much more. It features an in depth analysis of the films plot, stellar cameos, in particular one from a certain comic legend, and heavily shows just how much these young actresses can step out from their fathers shadows and kick some major sausage ass.

In addition to the trailer itself, Kevin Smith himself does a cold opening for the trailer, with some help from a few of his Canadian friends.

So don’t be a little hoser and check out the latest and greatest from the man, myth, and legend himself, Kevin Smith.



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