Wrestling Podcast Power Rankings: 5/31-6/6

Written by Mark Henely


Wrestling Podcast Power Rankings: 5/31-6/6

1. Talk is Jericho – EP253 Seth Rollins

As an active member of the WWE roster, Jericho is in the unique position of being able to interview all of the current stars as soon as they debut or re-debut. He gets the very first podcast interview with Rollins since his return and they cover all of the topics relating to his return in what ends up being a really fun listen.
There is a section of the podcast where Rollins discusses the pros of the new Tesla car. In this section, he makes it sound so fun and amazing that he had me ready to pony up the money until I realized that I wasn’t also a rich wrestler.

2. Art of Wrestling – EP. 304 Little Guido

Little Guido is a lunatic. At least, that’s what Tommy Dreamer says. Dreamer told host, Colt Cabana, that the top three craziest people in the wrestling business are (the late great) Balls Mahoney, WWE’s Victoria, and Little Guido. This interview tries to figure out just what makes this mild mannered, normal seeming, New Yorker one of the craziest. Through that lens, Little Guido hits on everything he has done in the wrestling business and you get to see the little quirks that made him fascinating to a guy like Dreamer.
You also get a compelling story about Little Guido’s life after retiring from wrestling. He seems to have had a very healthy parting with the business and it caps of the interview in a very positive way.

3. Talk is Jericho – EP 252 Joe Satriani

Full disclosure: I’m not a big Joe Satriani fan. I’m not familiar with any of his music, but I was a big fan of this episode. Jericho is very good with musician guests and he really finds a way to make this guitar legend fun behind the mic. Satch talks about the rock stars that he has worked with (Mick Jagger, Sammy Hagar, etc.) with a real wide eyed enthusiasm of a real fan. He talks about them as if he isn’t also a world class musician.
There is a part where he describes teaching Metallica’s Kirk Hammett the guitar that is very esoteric, but a must listen for any guitar player. There is some premium content in this interview that may be too esoteric for some, but incredibly sweet for the rest.

4. The Ross Report – EP120 – JTG

I was very excited about JTG’s appearance on this show, but I was also a little wary of it. JTG’s appearance on Talk is Jericho is one of the most memorable episodes of the entire run of that show, but I somehow knew that ┬áRoss’ report would disappoint.
While this podcast isn’t unlistenable, it is unfocused and detached in a way that the Jericho interview was not. Jericho endeavored to relate to JTG’s story of perennial backstage heat by relating it to his own experiences while JR discusses it with the detachment of upper-management.
The difference between these two interviews is this: Jericho wanted to convince listeners that JTG was interesting while JR wanted JTG to convince him, the interviewer, that JTG’s story was worth telling.

5. The Steve Austin Show Unleashed – EP330 Ricochet vs. Will Ospreay, Taker’s Choppers and Working 80s Style

In this episode, Austin talks to his next door neighbor and and his wife about regular shit. The conversations are non-essential but pleasant.

6. The Steve Austin Show – EP329 “Cowboy” Johnny Mantell

Do you remember being a child and going to an “adult party”? Nothing creepy, just a party where the adults talked to each other the whole time. And at this party, your Dad talks to another adult that he thinks is really fun and interesting, but you think he is just dull. That is what this podcast sounds like. It’s clear that Austin loves talking to Johnny Mantell (veteran wrestler and curator of the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame), but it isn’t very fun to listen to. Mantel talks about how he has worked with all of the greatest talents of yesteryear, but he has no fun stories of doing so. This is not a memorable episode and it is worth skipping.