The WWE-Ek: Keeping it on a high note?

The Week


Bullet Club is in WWE in all but name. Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson stormed RAW, laying waste to the Usos, much to the enjoyment of everyone, both on the debut and demolition of Jimmy and Jey Uso. There was a point where the Usos were beloved by fans, but it seems that time is over. Everyone wonders now, if whether it is a matter of time before AJ Styles or Finn Balor join up with Doc and Karl and form the Bullet Club, or will they be called something else, a bit more suited for WWE Programing?


Speaking of stables, The Wyatt Family seems to have suffered a major setback. Bray Wyatt, injured at a live event, putting two members of the family on the shelf. The big problem, Bray Wyatt and the other injured member, Luke Harper are the strongest members of the group. Erick Rowan has been there as an extra man, serving just the purpose of filling space, and Braun Strowman is the token “big man” of the group, and besides being the intimidating guy, he doesn’t have much else to go on. Question now becomes, does the Wyatt Family slowly fade out for the time being, or will Rowan and Strowman continue the in-ring support while Bray remains on the microphone?


Zack. Ryder. The guy got his WrestleMania moment, winning the Intercontinental Championship in the opening Ladder match, only to lose it the next night on RAW to The Miz, and then fail to reclaim it on SmackDown. The last we saw of Ryder, was an epic temper tantrum backstage. I was all sorts of happy watching Zack Ryder get a well-deserved nod from WWE. I was not happy to watch him lose the title, just 24 hours later. Come on. If you saw his father, holy crap. The guy is jacked. It would not shock me if WWE opts to recruit dear old dad into the ring. I feel bad, but Ryder saw the script, and likely was just damn overjoyed to see himself get a huge win at WrestleMania. We all would have felt the same way.


Titus O’Neal may return to television, as his suspension is over. We live in an internet sort of world, so it would be safe to assume when Titus’ music hits, whichever arena they are in, will likely explode. I wonder if Vince McMahon realizes by suspending Titus for his gesture, just inadvertently made him the next guy to become massively supported by the fans.


The passing of Balls Mahoney left a mark. Axl Rotten passed away about a month ago, and both men, either tag team partners or friendly rivals, put their bodies on the line in the most hardcore fashion to entertain wrestling fans.


Lastly, Adam Rose and Konnor of the Ascension were dinged with Wellness Policy Violations. I don’t really care. Not because of the lousy gimmicks and their minor influence on television. Because, they screwed up and now they’re off.


Shane McMahon, despite losing to the Undertaker continues to appear on RAW. So, what was the point of that again?


RAW has some high quality matches lately. Last week had Sami Zayn vs. AJ Styles. Good grief it was incredible. Cesaro vs. Owens was also amazing. Keep up the good work WWE. Please?