SATE Premieres New Video for ‘Know My Name’

Written by Laura Curry


Allow the Toronto vocalist and songwriter SATE to satisfy your appetite for spirited, rock ‘n’ roll music with a new video for the single “Know My Name.” This song will be on her debut album RedBlack&Blue, which is set for release on June 10.

According to the description under the video on Youtube, the fighting word anthem “Know My Name” is a pre-fight mantra that prepares you to defend your self-worth. The blues and soul-influenced rock sound of SATE is kicking hard in this song. Her soul-driven vocals are irresistibly sultry, and the lyrics act as motivational words to gear listeners up for a fight.

The video has a retro southern feel to it due to the old-fashioned house that it is filmed in. Each room is filled with haze and late afternoon sun trickles in through the curtains. The video also has a southern “witchy” vibe because of these key details: “taxidermied” animals on display, lit candles on the table along with a deer skull and lastly, SATE’s quick contorted movements that are reminiscent of a demonic possession. Overall, the aggressive energy of the music is captured in the band’s high-powered performance of the song, which is the main feature of the video.

Check out the music video on Youtube at to experience SATE’s fiery presence for yourself.

SATE, formerly known as Saidah Baba Talibah, is the daughter of Canadian blues and jazz artist Salome Bay. Growing up, SATE brought her own influences of rock ‘n’ roll and funk into the mix and developed her own style.

For the past two years, SATE has been developing a new body of work, which has resulted in three separate EPs and a total of 30 songs. The most engaging part about RedBlack&Blue is that it gave fans the opportunity to listen to SATE’s three EPs and vote on their favorite songs to be included in the final album release.