TV Recap: Archer Season 7 – Should You Be Watching?

Written by Lucas P. Jones


Sterling Archer, everyone’s favorite cartoon superspy, is back on the job in the Season 7 premiere, “The Figgis Agency.” The first episode does a great job of teasing things to come. Murder, espionage, puns, sexually charged one-liners, and more murder.

The episode begins with two investigators staring at a dead body in a pool, discussing facts of the case, and whether “Rimshot” would work as a gay porn name. The camera changes focus to show the face of the deceased and its, *GASP* Sterling Archer himself!

Cue a six month travel back in time, and out familiar cast of characters is hanging around in their new location, The Figgis Agency. This season, it appears that our favorite spies will be working as semi-legitimate private investigators under the watchful and nervous eye of Cyril Figgis who, not surprisingly, is the only person who holds the credentials to be an actual investigator. And in the midst of these new revelations, the agency’s first case walks in. A actress named Veronica Dean, who has had a private disk stolen from her by her ex-husbands attorney. Offering a reward of $100,000 and her gratitude, the team begins to plan and equip themselves for the mission. Krieger makes an appearance here, offering Archer and crew the usual infiltration equipment, plus a good dose of insanity. And also a thermal lance that cuts through steel.

Archer leads the infiltration team on an ultimately successful raid, and even though Archer was chewed on by guard dogs, dropped down a cliff, shot, and launched himself down the same cliff, he chalks up the whole operation as a success. Just when the team begins their celebration, the REAL Veronica Dean walks into the room, stunning everyone and leading to a long drawn out sigh from the viewer, really hammering home the fact that these characters can’t do anything right.

Overall, this was a great to start the season. The premise is set up, the main storyline introduced, even if the individual episode suffered for it.  I’m digging the whole private detective theme of this season, and I think it would be a shame if they didn’t do at least one film noir style episode. Definitely excited to see where this newest season of Archer will take us.

Rating: 7.5/10