Bowie Lives On In Limited Edition Vinyl Release

By Laura Curry


Fans will soon find another way to celebrate the life and career of David Bowie, in the form of a limited edition vinyl release.

The reissue label, Friday Music, has just announced that for the first time ever, David Bowie’s A Reality Tour will be released on vinyl on June 3, 2016. This three-disc set includes expansive live coverage of his greatest hits from the Dublin, Ireland show during his 2004 tour.


The 180-Gram Audiophile vinyl set, which was mastered by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music and Capitol Mastering, contains nearly three hours of music on six sides. This gives fans ample time to hear their favorites such as “Heroes,” “Ziggy Stardust,” “Rebel, Rebel,” and “Fame.” Additionally, listeners can indulge in three bonus tracks titled “China Girl,” “Fall Dog Bombs The Moon” and “Breaking Glass.”

The limited edition vinyl version of A Reality Tour is highly collectible due to its detailing. The three-disc set is pressed on translucent blue vinyl, and each has its own custom label, complete with an image of David Bowie. The set also includes two poster inserts—one is an image of the front cover, and the second is a double-sided poster of various photos from Bowie’s performance at the 2004 Dublin, Ireland concert. To top it all off, the set is nestled in a durable box that you definitely won’t be throwing away. It’s a true collector’s piece.

Fans can go to now to preorder their boxed vinyl set of A Reality Tour. But be warned, they will only be available in limited quantities for a short time.