WWE Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Recap

WWE TLC 2015 recap

Well, this was interesting. Some surprises, not so much the winners, but how they won.


The pre-show featured Paige and Ric Flair trading verbal jabs, Sasha Banks gets a not-so-clean win over. After a number of WWE Network difficulties, we catch Sheamus giving his League of Nations a pep-talk.


We kick off with the Triple Threat Tag Team Championship Ladder Match. The New Day once again killed it on the mic and in the ring. Lucha Dragons did their typical high spots, while the Usos broke out some great offensive stuff. Lots of ladder and tables spots. Huge spot where Kalisto hit the Salino Del Sol on Jimmy Uso which nearly killed them both. The New Day takes the win as Xavier Woods gets involved, preventing Kalisto from grabbing the titles. Kofi gets the win.


Rusev defeats Ryback. I have nothing further to say.


We get a decent match between Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio. Lots of near falls and moments where we thought Swagger had a believable chance of winning, but Del Rio goes nuts with the chairs, hitting the Double Foot Stomp off the top onto a pile of chairs for the pinfall victory.


The Wyatt Family came close to a clean sweep of Team ECW. With the Tables stipulation, Erick Rowan is first gone via a 3D. Rhyno misses a Gore, and is booted through the table by Luke Harper. Tommy Dreamer is put through a table on the outside, and the Braun Strowman saves Bray from being put through a table which was almost lit on fire, by powerslamming Bubba Dudley through a table. Man, almost got to see a flaming table.


Dean Ambrose defeated Kevin Owens to become the New Intercontinental Champion:

Yep! Ambrose has gold! Now, does this damage KO? Doubt it. Fantastic match. Owens launched Ambrose with a huge German release Suplex, lots of counters, and Ambrose even plants Owens with the Dirty Deeds, but no pinfall. Owens went for the Pop-Up Powerbomb, however JBL preemptively shouts “BALLGAME!” except Ambrose counters with a rollup and wins the championship!


Charlotte retains the Divas Championship: Pretty decent match, but we have to further Charlotte’s not-so-subtle heel turn with more underhanded tactics. Ric Flair even interferes, allowing Charlotte to throttle Paige against a turnbuckle, pinning her to retain.


Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus:

This whole match was nothing but table and ladder breaks. Big brawls, big drops, and a lot of moments where the crowd should have been chanting “holy shit” except the crowd was mostly dead. Reigns hit the Superman Punch on Sheamus while on top of the ladder, sending Sheamus through a table. Before he could grab the title, Rusev and Del Rio interfere. No Wade Barrett in sight. This is terrible. Massive interference preventing Reigns from winning, and Barrett is nowhere to be found. Sheamus clocks Reigns with the Brough Kick and grabs the championship. Reigns loses his mind and clobbers everyone with a chair. Triple H comes out, and winds up eating a chair. Reigns snaps and beats the hell out of Triple H, powerbombing him onto the announce table, which doesn’t break. They are really pushing Reigns as the next target of the Authority, by plowing through the table and destroying The Game.


Well, aside from the numerous Network glitches tonight, not a bad Network Event, but once again, the undercard clearly outshined the main event. Seriously though, there was a lot of issues using the Network. Had to restart six or seven times.