TV Recap: The Muppets, ‘Going, Going, Gonzo’

The Muppets

As of late, The Muppets has been getting a lot more right than wrong. The recent entry, “Going, Going, Gonzo” has some sour moments but ultimately comes away being one of the better episodes this season.

The show opens with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Miss Piggy sharing a fun little duet while Gonzo is operating stuff backstage. He gets into an accident, which turns into him thinking about his glory days. It turns into Gonzo pursuing his lifelong goal of getting shot of a cannon from the top of one building onto another. Gonzo’s daredevil nature is a throwback to The Muppet Show, which should appeal to Muppet fans, as it did for me.

Meanwhile, Levitt appears in one more scene, as he plays poker with Kermit and company. He makes a great Looper joke before departing from the episode, and his comment about the time traveling flick is downright hilarious.

Gonzo’s preparation for his dream leads Kermit to bring on Dave Grohl to obviously perform “Learn to Fly” which is genius of course. Towards the end of the episode, Gonzo and Kermit share a great moment together, a true sign of Muppet nature if I ever saw it.

There’s been plenty of buzz leading up to the premiere of “Going, Going, Gonzo” since it’s been announced that the program would feature Grohl and Animal drum battling it out. It’s pretty epic to watch, and it all concludes with a comedic payoff.

With two great guest stars, a handful of laugh out loud moments, a heartwarming touch, some great tunes, and drum off for the ages, “Going, Going, Gonzo” was greatly appreciated. Let’s hope that the writers have finally found a their rhythm not unlike the percussionists in the episode.

Rating: 8.5/10

The Muppets with Grohl

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