TV Review: The Goldbergs Season 3 Premiere


I have pretty much binge watched The Goldbergs Season 1 and 2 and in turn have fallen in love with the dysfunctional family that lived during the 80s. The throwbacks to anything concerning the decade are awesome. The humor is also outrageous but also from the heart. For those reasons, I dig the show a ton. It’s also apparent that I am one and the same with Adam Goldberg (Sean Giambrone), based on the show’s creator Adam F. Goldberg.

The season 3 opener of the program begins with son Barry (Troy Gentile) trying to mimic Tom Cruise’s sock slide from Risky Business. The theme continues on, with Barry, Lainey Lewis (AJ Michalka) and Erica (Hayley Orrantia) trying to throw a “kick-ass Risky Business” party, until the overbearing mother in Erica Goldberg (Wendi McLendon-Covey) puts a stop to it. She also begins to take Lainey under her wing much to the anger of Barry and Erica.

Meanwhile, Adam is dealing with a long distance relationship and his father (Jeff Garlin) trying to limit it due to the phone bill being so high. After two seasons of Adam being showcased as a kid, it is clear to see that the show might have some difficulty with Giambrone’s Adam shifting away from 80’s toys and more into the realm of teenager-dom. We will have to see how that it is handled.

Whatever the case, the beginning of Season 3 keeps The Goldbergs formula strong, knowing how to go over the top with ridiculousness of the family, while at the same time ending the episode with a more moral note of love, trust, and trying. Also, you can’t have a true episode without a home video featuring Adam F. Goldberg. That’s here as well, in addition to a hilarious rap video by “Big Tasty.” Truly hilarious.

Season 3 of the show seems to have a lot of promise and I can’t wait. Seems like you can take away the risky; The Goldbergs look like they are ready to get down to business once again.

Rating: 9/10

The Goldbergs airs at 8:30 pm Wednesdays on ABC

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