TV Recap: How To Get Away With Murder, ‘It’s Time to Move On’

Written by David Oliver


It’s Time to Move On, Plot Summary:

Rebecca’s (Katie Findlay) dead and everyone’s a suspect. But who actually did it? And that’s just the beginning of what’s looking like a complicated, twisty season that’s even more disturbing than its first.

They’re baaaaaaaaack. That’s right, your favorite Keating 5 are back in school and also managing to find time to work for Annalise Keating (newly minted Emmy winner Viola Davis).

The show quickly falls back into its usual fast-paced rhythm, with quick cutaways from Rebecca’s gruesome murder (via plastic bag, tape over her mouth) and cover-up (i.e. Frank (Charlie Weber) put the body in a suitcase).

Photo Credit: ABC/Mitchell Haaseth
Photo Credit: ABC/Mitchell Haaseth

The class scene is also fairly typical, with the Keating 5 getting called on way more frequently than everyone else, but then the unthinkable happens: Wes says “pass” when called on. Um, you never pass when Annalise Keating calls on you. Wes is off, and frankly, as a viewer, it’s off-putting. He’s sketchy most of the episode.

Meanwhile, Annalise wants Eve (Famke Janssen), a death row attorney and someone from her past, to be Nate (Billy Brown)’s lawyer. Too bad she turns down his case, which doesn’t leave Nate exactly thrilled (a.k.a. he says he’ll take her down with him). Eve tears Annalise down emotionally; apparently this isn’t the first scenario where Annalise has used her as a means for her own ambition.

Annalise lies to Wes (Alfred Enoch) about Rebecca’s whereabouts — that she’s at a motel — to try and find out if he killed her. Wes isn’t so thick and knows what she’s up to, and tells her that he’ll get over Rebecca soon.

As for Connor (Jack Falahee) and Oliver (Conrad Ricamora), Oliver is still reeling from his HIV-positive status, while Connor is more cavalier (shocking no one). He’s horny but Oliver insists they wait to sleep together for Connor’s preventative meds (PrEp) to kick in. By episode’s end, Connor moves in with him. Side note: Annalise should really have Oliver on payroll for all the work he ends up doing inadvertently for her.

Which brings us to the case of the week: two adopted children accused of murdering their pharmaceutical company parents (Hapstall is the family name). Annalise wants to take down the firm in charge of the case and handle it herself (and does, because obviously). And then their aunt’s found dead, so who knows exactly what’s going on (more on this later).

Laurel (Karla Souza) figures out Rebecca is dead — leaving Frank thinking she’s the one who did the deed and telling Annalise. But then Annalise says he’s got the wrong girl and shows up at BONNIE’S (Liza Weil) (dun dun dun).

Following a commercial, Bonnie and Rebecca have a creepy chat. Rebecca says, “I’m not a bad person,” and Bonnie says, “I tell myself that too.” Eeeek. Bonnie doesn’t believe Rebecca when she says she didn’t kill Lila (Megan West). So she tapes her mouth and puts a plastic bag on her and lets her die (!)

Annalise tells Bonnie, “You’re the one sick enough to do this.”

Bonnie says, “I did what you would’ve done for me.” Annalise says now she’s just as bad as Sam (Tom Verica). There’s a LOT here that requires emotional unpacking. Question: How much

Annalise next heads to Eve’s and says she’s right — she ruins people. She opens up to Eve that she’s protecting the person who killed Sam.


And I thought this show couldn’t get any more jaw-dropping. I WAS WRONG. I WAS SO, SO WRONG. AND I AM SO GLAD I WAS. Plus, Eve is taking Nate’s case.

Photo Credit:ABC/Mitchell Haaseth
Photo Credit:ABC/Mitchell Haaseth

Uh, then Annalise takes the Keating 5 minus Asher (Matt McGorry) out dancing and drinking because why not. Asher, meanwhile, gets questioned re: Eve by opposing counsel in Nate’s case.

Eggs 911 still remains a mystery (thanks for your obsession, Michaela (Aja Naomi King)) — and texts Michaela back (she texted “Hi” earlier in the episode).

Meanwhile, a flash-forward two months later. Wes running from the Hapstall mansion — WITH A BLOODY ANNALISE ON THE FLOOR.

Nice touch of the episode? The “Murder” in red at the end of the series’ brief opening teaser hitting Frank’s face (#WhoKilledLila).

I thought it started out a little timid, but once it got going, IT GOT GOING. The last 20 minutes in particular packed a punch. Already re-hooked.

Rating: 9.5/10

How to Get Away with Murder Airs Thursday nights on ABC.