Interview: Foxanne


Foxanne is (Band Members & Instruments They Play): Foxanne (writing/composition, vocals, guitar), Mike Harris (Bass/occasionally drums), Kevin Lucero (Cello), Andrew Funcheon/Abel Taberes (drums)

We Started in: 2014, we are just about a year old.

We’re Based Out Of: We’re based out of NJ currently but soon to be NYC.

The Story Behind Our Name: It was just a silly nickname freshman year of college, not much meaning behind it, but I like the sound of it (sucker for a good pun).

You’ve Seen Us BeforeĀ in Other Bands: Well I used to play under my more legal name and the name cherry sea, but Foxanne is the first real ‘band’

New Music Coming Out: We just released a single “Moving Slowly”, but this fall we are planning on recording an EP which we are very excited about

Our Sound Has Been Likened To: Hop Along, St. Vincent, Devendra Banhart, Bjork, Rilo Kiley, Tenacious D (just in spirit).


Can you talk about your inspirations? What person in your life inspired (or encouraged) you as a musician? What artists inspired your sound?

I am inspired by every day, just by life in general. I like to write while in motion, I am also a long distance runner. I think that some people just need to make music, and I am just one of those people. Some artists that inspired my sound are Devendra Banhart (my favorite musician), Bjork, Paolo Nutini, Jeff Taylor, Laura Stevenson, Hozier, and many, many others.

You recently recorded music over at The Lake House in Asbury – can you talk about the recording process. How did working in a state of the art studio impact the way you produced your songs?


We did! We had it all planned out, we wanted to record with a live band energy, but a slightly more polished sound that can only be achieved in a studio like this. Because we could isolate sound in different rooms but play together, we were able to record professional sounding singles without losing that live energy.

There are so many bands in the Asbury Park scene right now, what separates you from everyone else?

Well we’re not really in the Asbury scene, but we do love playing there occasionally. I just think that our sound is something that doesn’t really exist in a lot of the NJ scenes right now. Of course with every band there will be a level of uniqueness, but I think that we have something dynamic and soulful (without losing that rock ‘n’ roll wildness) that isn’t currently in the scene.

If someone has never heard you before, what song would you recommend they check out in order to truly understand what you’re all about, and why?

If someone didn’t know us, I would recommend that they see us live. Our latest single release I think most accurately displays our growing sound as a band, but I think that live someone would be able to really see and feel what we are all about.

What do you love most about being in this band?

I love being in this band, because songwriting/composing is my passion, and feeling the growth and change that has been happening writing recently has been very exciting. My love lies in writing and singing, so expect this to just keep on going.

What’s your plans for the rest of 2015?

For the rest of 2015 my plan is to keep playing (our next show after this Wonder Bar show is a Halloween show at the Court Tavern!) and performing, to release this next EP, hopefully follow up that release with some exciting new videos, and keep spreading the good word of Foxanne.

all photos courtesy of foxanne.

Foxxane performs tonight at Happy Mondays at The Wonder Bar in Asbury Park along with Cat London, and Nottingham.

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