The WWE-Ek: Rush-A-Homa

week-1024x481A lot of little stuff happening all over the wrestling industry. Is it just me, or are there a lot of angry people out there? Renee Dupree went on a podcast to openly bash WWE and people he worked with. Mo from Men on a Mission also went to town on his former employer, but on the business as a whole. His interview is very heart breaking, as he talks about reaching a low point in his career, but his life where he thought about suicide. That is no laughing matter. That is some powerful stuff.


Kurt Angle makes an announcement he will not re-sign with TNA when his contract expires in January. Is it just me or am I having Déjà vu? Did this not happen last year? Angle is undecided whether he will continue wrestling. Here we go again? Is he taking a break? Teasing us about leaving TNA? Looking into GFW or WWE? Who the hell knows anymore.


Speaking of GFW, seems they are dropping the ball by canceling planned shows. Not good. I get the whole GFW invading TNA angle is supposed to be running, but if TNA doesn’t have any TV tapings planned in the near future because Destination America is canning them… Well, uh. I got nothing.


In stranger news, Paige and Alicia Fox left a restaurant because of a rowdy fan. Is it just me, or have fans slowly been losing their sanity? Let’s see, a fan jumps the rail in an attempt to be Seth Rollins’ sidekick for the night, a few weeks ago, Roman Reigns gets clocked in the head with a fan-made Money in the Bank briefcase, and hell, Dean Ambrose got jumped. I found a great meme just for that series of events, sadly I cannot locate it again, but considering Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns were the latest jump victims, the internet would have you believe a Shield reunion is imminent.


Randy Orton, random matches, over the summer there has certainly been a notable surge in fan stupidity. What do you think is going to happen? Sure, start strutting next to Seth Rollins and suddenly you are his new manager? Interrupt a match and suddenly you are next in line for a title shot? What are these drunks thinking?


Maybe they aren’t and that is the problem. The real problem, or question I pose, is where the hell is security? Yes, we have jam-packed arenas and you cannot possible keep an eye on everyone, but maybe have security people in key areas, such as ringside, the entrance ramp, maybe even go old school and have security escorting wrestlers to the ring. Go look up some old videos.


The High Holy Day season is upon us, which means we start with Rosh Hashanna tonight, followed by Yom Kippur, aka, Jewish Judgment Day next week. I sincerely hope Rabbi Paul Heyman is reading. I appreciate when he brings his Rabbinical Repertoire in the ring, I really get a kick when he makes Jewish jokes. Funniest in recent memory was his denouncing of Christmas in favor of Chanukah during his time managing CM Punk.


I recall during my short stint of working at WWE, I never met Heyman, but I did have the opportunity on a few occasions to talk to Bill Goldberg. Very proud of his heritage and always looked for opportunities to give back to the Jewish Community. Nice guy. Many of the staff at WWE (during my time there anyway) were Jewish, and I believe for a time I was nicknamed the Rabbi, although I certainly recall being called “The Doctor” due to my initials being M.D. It was fun, and even though it has been a decade since I have worked there, I enjoyed every damn minute of it and yes, deep down, I wish I could go back.