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Prematurely cancelled by A&E, Netflix has picked up Longmire for a much needed, and wanted, season 4. While some people still curse Netflix for the death of the local video rental store, those of us who are tired of watching our shows end without closure are thankful for Netflix picking them up and bringing them back to us. Longmire is one of those shows that need an ending. The storyline is so rich in suspenseful twists and turns that leaving things open ended would cause our heads to implode with the endless possibilities.

Season 3 of Longmire ended with Walt (Robert Taylor) figuring out that Jacob Nighthorse (A Martinez) was involved in the murder of his wife. Meanwhile, Branch (Bailey Chase) finds out that his father Barlow (Gerald McRaney) was also involved. We are left wondering if Barlow shot Branch as a result of his new found knowledge, or if Branch was quick enough to take down his father in time.

Season 4 picks up where the last season left off. Walt is fully aware of Jacob Nighthorse’s involvement in the murder of his wife and Hank (Lou Diamond Phillips) is the only thing keeping him from retaliation. Cady (Cassidy Freeman) comes to Walt about some irrational sounding text messages that she received from Branch the night before. With Vic (Katee Sackhoff) and Ferg (Adam Bartley) in tow, Walt sets out in search of Branch only to find what appears to be a suicide.

We learn an awful lot in the season premiere. For starters, it has finally become obvious that Vic is in love with Walt. We have all suspected it for quite some time and she all but says it in this episode. She also blames herself for the death of Branch. For the second time in her career, she has ratted out a dirty cop, resulting in their suicide. What she doesn’t realize is that Branch’s death was not a suicide.

While on the topic of Branch’s murder, Barlow deserves an Academy Award for his reaction to the death of his son, especially for being the one responsible for it. Luckily, Walt isn’t sold on the idea that Branch killed himself so we can expect that Barlow will be caught eventually. We can also expect a fresh Hell to come down on him upon the reveal that he was involved in the death of Walt’s wife.

Ferg is the one who tells Cady about Branch’s death, which is sweet considering that he has been in love with her for most of his life. Instead of him consoling her, she ends up consoling him as he also feels responsible for Branch’s suicide because he was the one who took Branch’s squad car away.

Walt cannot give up on the idea that Branch was murdered. He finds himself obsessively investigating the way Branch searched for the man who shot him and the conspiracy behind it. Despite all signs pointing to suicide, he insists on investigating to the full extent, causing everyone to be concerned for his sanity. In reality, Walt feels guilty for suspending Branch instead of helping him in his investigation.

Feeling helpless in his own life, Henry has decided to pick up as the new Hector (Jeff De Serrano), whom you may remember as the Cheyenne thug for hire. He has resolved to take control of his life and help the helpless that left messages pleading for Hector’s help.

From the looks of the premiere, season 4 is going to be an intense one. Some relationships might bud as others are torn apart, murders will be solved as others are committed and perhaps we will get a taste of some good old fashioned, and well deserved, vengeance.

Longmire Season 4 is now available for streaming on Netflix

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  1. While I didn’t like that Branch died, I can see how it was necessary for the rest of the story. I like the story not being interrupted by commercials and by having that extra time there’s more content. The writing is really good and we are getting a better sense of the characters. They write a hell of a cliffhanger. Looking forward to season 5. With Netflix I like having the ability to go back want re-watch the first 4 seasons. It’s like re-reading my favorite books. Best money we ever spent.

  2. I was so excited when #Netflix picked up our show #Longmire for a 4th season. I want to thank all who made this possible. I watched the whole #Season4 the day it came out it was awesome. #CraigJohnson you are the man who brought us Walt…your books are so good I love them waiting for a new book my man. Thank you to all that worked so hard to get our #Longmire back and thank you most of all to #Netflix for picking it up !

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