Trailer Tuesday (on a Wednesday): The Danish Girl

Written by Bill Bodkin and Laura Dengrove

Looking at trailers


Release Date: November 27th, 2015

Starring: Eddie Redmayne, Alicia Vikander, Ben Whishaw.

Director: Tom Hooper

Pre-Trailer Thoughts: The Best Actor category in the Oscars this year should be renamed, “Eddie’s Oscar.” (Or maybe call them the Eddies instead of the Oscars). As soon as I heard about this films existence, which was right around Oscar season earlier this year, I knew Redmayne would once again be able to showcase his overwhelming talent and shine as the obvious winner without any competition even lined up against him. This was also why I was rooting so hard for Michael Keaton to take home the Oscar for Birdman, but that is a grudge better left untold. -LD

Pre-Trailer Thoughts: Holy Oscar Bait, Batman. A movie starring the most recent Oscar winner for Best Actor, directed by a multi-time Oscar nominated director that tackles a much-talked about current social issue in a pretty period piece drama – they better start writing acceptance speeches now. -BB

Rate the Trailer: 5 out 5. This trailer blew me away, and left me speechless with only the goose bumps on my arms to tell the tale of what I had just witnessed. Redmayne is a talent beyond talents, a marvel amongst marvels, and, in my opinion, of the best actors of our time. The way he seems to capture a characters essence, in just the trailer alone as seen previously in The Theory of Everything’s trailer, is simply outstanding and a real accomplishment in itself. To be honest, I would give him the Oscar with this trailer alone as the only evidence to support his nomination. Not only does Redmayne shine in this trailer, but so does the up and coming actress Alicia Vikander, who has had one hell of an mazing year with her other critically successful film Ex Machina, which came out earlier this year. Hearing about her casting, I was a bit indifferent, knowing she had talent but not really guessing she would hold her own so well against Redmayne. In the trailer, she proves that she is not only a force to be reckoned with on her own, but she is also the perfect casting choice as his partner in the film. I have a feeling she may be the one to beat as well in her very own Best Acting category early next year. All in all, my one thought throughout the entire trailer is just Oscar, Oscar, Oscar…and I have a feeling I won’t be wrong about this one. -LD

Rate the Trailer: 4 out 5. Color me impressed. Period dramas are not usually known for these great, gripping trailers. This one…this one was different. The subject matter of gender identity, which is something society is discussing every single day, makes this trailer feel more real and more relevant than say this was released in the late ’90s. Then it would’ve felt like another art house flick that would’ve been airing non-stop on Bravo (before it became reality central). Redmayne just owned every second of this trailer. The Best Actor race is going to be insane this year with Michael Fassbender’s Steve Jobs, Johnny Depp’s Whitey Bulger, and possibly Leonardo DiCaprio’s turn in The Revenant, competing against Redmayne. -BB

Theater, Rent, No Thanks, Undecided. Theater. Just take my money now Eddie, and while you’re at it, grab the Oscar waiting for you by the Academy’s door. -LD

Theater, Rent, No Thanks, Undecided. Rent. While the trailers looked amazing, I’ll save this one for the rental, unless this becomes regarded as ‘the film’ that needs to be seen. There’s potential for that, but frankly my ‘theater’ tastes cry for more shoot the works action and gritty drama, than this exploratory, personal drama offers. I’ll see it, no doubt about it, just not on the big screen. -BB

The Danish Girls hit theaters on November 27th