TV Recap: WWE Monday Night RAW is a Bad Night for Seth Rollins


A very interesting episode tonight. Kicking off with Seth Rollins being portrayed as someone on top of the world, however gets cut down within moments. Sting shows up on the Titantron posing with Seth’s statue, followed by Sheamus who warns Rollins about winding up with three title matches at Night of Champions.

This could get interesting. It does seem like a tease, but keeping Sheamus in the bullpen makes things more interesting. Imagine Rollins losing the U.S. Championship, then somehow retaining the WWE Championship only to get cashed in on. We go backstage where Rollins begs Stephanie to talk to Triple H, who is behind him the whole time. Funny stuff, accusing the champion of not having faith in Stephanie. We do get the announcement Sheamus will face Randy Orton AGAIN tonight. Good grief, might as well just admit, “we’ve got nothing else for Orton to do” and be done with it. Seth gets two matches as a warm up, one against Ryback, the other teaming with The New Day to face John Cena and the Prime Time Players.

I was hoping for Sting instead.

Sasha Banks picks up a solid win against Paige. Banks needs the push as Tamina and Naomi should play second-fiddle to the Boss. Naomi is talented, and Tamina is resident jobber here. Paige has racked up a lot of losses lately, but understandable in order to push the NXT ladies.

Next up Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns completely demolish The Ascension. I am not exaggerating. The Shield owned the match from start to finish. Post match, creepy promo from Wyatt Family. Love it.

Before Ryback defeats Seth Rollins with a little distraction from Sting, he is confronted backstage by Kevin Owens. Mr. KO suggests Ryback does not bite off more than he can chew. Ryback and Rollins have a great match, as always, Rollins sells everything like a champ. Post-match, Sting puts a mask over Rollins’ statue. Closer look, it looks like a giant chocolate statue to me.

Backstage, funny segment with Edge and Christian and the Dudley Boys, interrupted by the New Day. Funny ensues, capped with Edge playing the Kazoo.

In ring segment with poor sappy Summer Rae. Utter drivel. Summer called Rusev, “Roo Roo.” I felt sick. Dolph Ziggler interrupted and lets us know how many times he plowed Lana. Fantastic.

Backstage: Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose talk to Randy Orton. Why? He has a never-ending feud with Sheamus.

Speaking of which, continues on, or blunders on as during the match, Sheamus goes outside the ring, grabs a mic to yell at the fans, but stopped mid-sentence. Cameraman pans back to Orton who is standing in the ring like a doof, then realizes he was supposed to jump Sheamus from behind. Oy vey. After Orton earns a victory, which according to the announce team is a big win. Not sure I understand how that is accurate, considering Sheamus beat Orton clean at a PPV. Post match, the Wyatt Family assaults Orton. So, either this writes him off TV, or perhaps this now guarantees Orton joins Reigns and Ambrose.

Up next, The Dudley Boys make squishy out of Los Matadores. Punch, kick, 3D, match over. Apparently the Prime Time Players resent their return, believing they took their title match spot. Interesting. Post match, one of the Matadors beat up on El Torito. Interesting. The Dudleys intervene, planting said Matador through a table via powerbomb. Interesting. Does that mean the Dudleys get a midget as a mascot now?

Team Bella is out, and remind us in one week, Nikki will beat and surpass the record set by AJ Lee for longest reigning Divas Champion. Interrupted and chased away by Charlotte and Team PCB.

Our main event of the night features John Cena and The Prime Time Players against Seth Rollins and The New Day. Xavier Woods brings the trombone and uses it to great effect, providing extra sound effects for various moves during the match. John Cena eats the pounding for majority of the match, and Big E. Langston shows off the greatest dance moves throughout the contest. I swear, this might have been the funniest main event I have ever seen. I mean, a trombone to amplify the action in the ring? The real shame, is Seth Rollins did not gyrate once. Not a one. Cena manages to hot tag out to Titus O’Neil who cleans house, until New Day take over again. Suddenly, in a shocker, Cena gets tagged back in, and hits the Attitude Adjustment on Kofi Kingston for the abrupt win. Weird. Darren Young never got tagged in at all.

WWE might want to put J&J Security back with Seth Rollins, as a fan jumped from behind the railing and strutted his way down to the ring until security tackled him. Or just asked him to leave. The fan was clearly dressed to be at ringside.

To close the show, we find Sting once again with the statue, shoving it into the back of a garbage truck, crushing it in the process. JBL makes a big boo boo on commentary, stating the WWE Championship has eluding Sting his whole career. Sorry JBL, but a title can’t elude someone who NEVER ATTEMPTED TO CHALLENGE FOR IT ANYWAY BECAUSE HE NEVER WORKED FOR THE DAMN COMPANY!!!

Solid show, and once again we see a potential bad trend for Rollins, but as well have seen in the past, a streak which seems bleak winds up as a swerve when Rollins somehow comes out on top.