Album Review: Beach House, ‘Depression Cherry’

Written by Chris Panico

Beach House Depression Cherry album cover

Beach House’s newest record Depression Cherry is essentially the sonic embodiment of the perfect buzz you get from middle-of-the-road red wine. It has that awesome vibe that can be found when you’re just a little loaded, doing literally nothing, and are extraordinarily happy about it.

Cherry has a consistent dreamlike quality to it; a reasonable sound to come from the Baltimore duo. Each song on the record maintains a consistent dynamic level, shimmers with reverb and echoes, and is accentuated with touches of slide guitar and cleverly mistuned counter melodies.

For what it is, Depression Cherry does a great job. There’s no ego or grandeur about it. Much to the contrary, the new release stays very low-key, nourishing the down played subtlety that Beach House was born into. As a listener, it’s easy to slip into the new album and let it wash over you, each song becoming a continuation of the last.

It would be easy to say that the strengths of Depression Cherry are also it’s weaknesses: with longer-than-normal songs, little dynamic contrast, and few (if any) identifiable hooks, some listeners may find the album to be a bit boring. I don’t think that those are the people who the record was written for though. Within context, it seems to me that Beach House does a pretty wonderful job with the latest batch.

Rating: 7/10

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