The Classic Shows Nickelodeon Should Remake

Nickelodeon may be reviving some of its classic shows. Russell Hicks, president of content and development at Nickelodeon, told Variety that the network is looking at old favorites like Rugrats, Hey Arnold, and You Can’t Do That On Television for inspiration, but he refuses to disclose which shows his team is considering. For now, 80s and 90s kids can only hope that Marc Summers attempts at getting Nickelodeon to revive Double Dare will be successful.

Since Nickelodeon is open to mining the archives, here are some shows the network should update for the currently generation of kids.

Double Dare

Of course Double Dare was going to be on this list. Nickelodeon has already brought back Figure It Out, so why not Double Dare? It’s the perfect show for kids. With the right host, this combination of slime and trivia doesn’t even have to pay tribute to its original version.

Mr. Wizard’s World

Once upon a time, Nickelodeon actually was educational. Mr. Wizard’s World is one of those shows that didn’t survive Nickelodeon’s desire to be whacky. While Mr. Wizard was of the genteel grandfatherly type and Nickelodeon should by no means christen a new “Mr. Wizard,” a science show with a cool older brother type, who knows what he’s talking about, as host could work.

Rocket Power

Rocket Power is the show that inspired many 90s kids to pick up surfboards and skateboards. Reviving Rocket Power could help get today’s kids off Twitter and active without preaching about the benefits of playing sports. No one wants to here that you should run a mile and eat an apple, but seeing cool kids having fun and looking cool could totally help parents get their kids out of the house.

As Told By Ginger

As Told By Ginger wasn’t afraid to tackle real life issues, such as jealousy and break-ups. A new version could incorporate those themes into a show that acknowledges kids now live most of their lives online. Who needs to wait to here about Ginger and Darren’s breakup in math class when everyone already read it on Facebook?

Wild and Crazy Kids

Wild and Crazy Kids was the show went anywhere and did anything to find kids having fun. It was hosted by kids (ok, teenagers) for kids. Like Double Dare, it was messy and sometimes got the whole family involved. While the show was not much more than summer camp games made messier and sillier, it entertained and made kids want the hosts to come to their town.

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