Five Questions From the Mr. Robot Season Finale


Five Questions From the Mr. Robot Season Finale

The USA series started out with a question¬†—¬†Who is Mr. Robot? Since then, Mr. Robot has been weaving a terribly tangled web of character interactions and impossible secrets that has unsurprisingly created a whole lot more questions. Wednesday’s season finale presented fans of the show with an opportunity to answer some of those questions, so lets go through them one by one.

What is going on with Tyrell?

Undoubtedly the most enigmatic character on the show and having just discovered Elliots secret, Tyrell was expected to factor into the finale big time. He may have. We don’t know. We never got to see what he was up to. We saw the end result of what he certainly had a hand in. Was he killed? Was he secretly on the good guy team the whole time? We don’t know.

We may have gotten some insight into the Tyrell situation from the conversation Elliot had with Wellick’s wife. After discovering him at the door, Joanna Wellick starts asking Elliot some questions in what seems like an attempt to get information about her husband. Not much information is given as both characters are clearly lying to eachother but Joanna does let a bit of reality slip in Danish. After translation it amounts to “If you have done something to him, I will kill you.” Whether or not she throws an Elliot in there is anyone’s guess. I’ve heard it a couple of times and can’t decide. Either way, she knows something.

What’s Next for fsociety?

The debt erasing program was a (seemingly) huge success. E Corp is in shambles. Execs are committing honorable seppuku on live TV. People even figured out how to buy those sweet fsociety masks. What is fsociety going to do next? Good question. In fact, this question was addressed directly by the members of fsociety. Once the servers were all destroyed, all they had to do left was throw a big party! But the members of fsociety wonder, is there anything else?

Will there be another global threat that will require vigilante justice from the Robin Hoods of the coding world? Will something new happen with E Corp that forces the tech Avengers to reassemble? Or maybe, will E Corp come after the original crew for retribution? Clearly some members of the crew are looking for something more while others are content with partying at the end of the world. This divide may likely complicate things in seasons to come.

How About Those Shoes?

The big star of the finale had to be Angela’s footwear. The heels began the finale pearly white, became stained with the blood of her new boss, and replaced with a much darker pair using some sweet sweet E Corp cash. Angela is an angel no more. And while the pumps not so subtly foreshadow Angela’s journey to the dark side, all of her questions on the way there are valid most notably Why her?

Angela, while a competent employee, does not seem deserving of even a second of the CEO’s time considering E Corp is the biggest corporation in history and it is currently burning to the ground. Two theories come to mind. Theory A: It is another Terry Colbyesque weird sex thing. Theory B: E Corp plans to use Angela as future leverage against Elliot. While Theory B makes a ton of sense, there are a lot of reasons why it doesn’t hold water chief among them being, why wouldn’t E Corp just kidnap Elliot or something like that? Why go through all that extra effort. Maybe it is some combination of Theories A and B. Who knows? Mr. Robot is a show that has proven that they can handle complicated well, so I’m cautiously optimistic that her move will make a lot of sense in a year or so.

Who Is Mr Robot?

Elliot. Elliot is Mr. Robot. Apparently he hallucinates his dead father Christian Slater sometimes and it seems like Christian Slater is Mr Robot but that is all Elliot and he has the punch to prove it. The multiple personality issue does bring up a far more interesting question.

Who Else Is Mr Robot?

Logic would dictate that Mr. Robot has not put all of its cards on the table just yet and this season’s big reveal included a Fight Club-esque “those two guys are the same guy” twist but why should it end there? Maybe there is another Mr Robot running around. Many have suggested that it’s Tyrell based on his wife’s reaction to seeing Elliot at her door. Others believe…well that’s actually about it. No one else fits the profile. Sam Esmail is a clever guy so it could easily be someone else. Maybe the dog? At least we have something to look forward to next season.

Rating 10/10

Bonus Question: So…….Illuminati?

After the credits roll, we get a glimpse of a tuxedoed figure walking into a magnificently appointed dinner party that just screams “Everyone here is a bazillionaire” (mostly thanks to the background Sheikh) and sitting down next to none other than the E Corp CEO form before! And then we get a look at the tuxedoed figure and he is noted dinosaur enthusiast BD Wong! People with eyes will recognize BD Wong as the actor that played the White Rose under a layer of makeup.

Apparently The White Rose and E Corp’s CEO and background Shiekh are working together. To what extent they are working together remains to be seen. Some have suggested that this is all part of both of their plans to destabilize a bunch of governments. Others believe the move may have existed to short E Corp’s stock and make everyone involved rich when the backups are eventually discovered. (White Rose should have them, if that is the plan.) Either way, the post credits scene established a conglomerate of formidable villains for Season 2 that should be a nightmare for Elliot. Or maybe he was at the party. Who the hell knows?
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Matthew Nando Kelly is a cool and tough Senior Staff Writer for Pop-Break who was allowed to write his own bio. Besides weekly Flash recaps, he has a podcast called Mad Bracket Status where he makes pop culture brackets with fellow writer DJ Chapman.