TV Recap: WWE Monday Night RAW is Naked

RAWlogo2A lot of stuff went down earlier today, but we can save that for the traditional “WWE-Ek” column. Let’s get to RAW.

RAW got entertaining fast. Sting starts the show, admitting respect towards Triple H, but feels Seth Rollins has not earned it yet. Sting has his sights on the WWE Championship, and feels Rollins is getting a tad ahead of himself in terms of being considered legends material. Interesting way to start the show, leading us to wonder if Sting and Rollins will collide later tonight. Backstage, in a spat with Stephanie, Rollins seems to show more concern for his status, however Stephanie challenges Rollins to inquire with Sting as to its whereabouts.

Our first match features Dolph Ziggler and Rusev colliding in what ends as a DQ when Summer Rae interferes. I really think this role is perfect for her. She can’t talk, she can catfight, and make grimacing faces. The notable point is seeing Dolph Ziggler’s new ring gear, looks like a homage to Shawn Michael’s 90s ring gear. It would seem Lance Storm agrees.

Backstage, Summer Rae sneaks into the locker room of Dolph Ziggler.

In the first of a series of Beat the Clock matches, Becky Lynch forces Alicia Fox to submit to the DisArmHer in three minutes, 21 seconds. Decent match, Charlotte seems to celebrate with Lynch while Paige appears unhappy.

Backstage, Summer Rae is shown fleeing the locker room.

Ryback retains the Intercontinental Championship against Big Show. Sorry, but I find the chants calling for Big Show to retire just a tag on the disrespectful side. Granted, been around for 20+ years beginning in WCW, but still, the guy gave his heart and body to the business, so let’s crb those chants and show some respect. Decent back and forth, and credit has to be given, Ryback can rile a crowd and keep them hot. Something about him works. Miz interferes, causing Big Show to lose focus and gets floored with a Shellshock.

In our second beat-the-clock, Charlotte defeats Brie Bella in 1:40 using some sort of flipping dive DDT. Paige did not look happy at all.

Backstage, Dudley Boys declare their intent, to become 10-time tag team champions.

In a SummerSlam rematch, Kevin Owens defeats Cesaro in a great match. Owens and Cesaro busted out some new moves, shocking the crowd more than once. Watching Cesaro stop Owens mid-Tornado DDT swing and turning into a faceplant-to-crossface combo was damn impressive. We also get Owens being thrown off the top with a Gut Wrench Suplex. Both men eat hard shots, but ultimately Cesaro takes a spill to the floor, appearing injured, allowing Owens to his the PuP for the win.

Backstage again, Lana is none too happy with Ziggler. Either Jealous or an abrupt turn?

Bray Wyatt and Family are in the ring, talks about Braun Strowman. This guy looks creepy and damn is a powerhouse. He manhandles his opponent, Dean Ambrose, and with help from Luke Harper, keeps Roman Reigns down. I really wonder if Erick Rowan is being repackaged as someone who can hang with Shield 2.0.

Paige attempts to beat the clock against Sasha Banks, but thanks to interference from Team BAD, the match comes to an end, and Paige fails. Nikki Bella enters with the BellaTron, showing how many days are remaining until she becomes the longest reigning Divas Champion.

Charlotte vs. Nikki Bella at Night of Champions? Whooooooo!!

Backstage: Summer Rae goes into a way too graphic account of her encounter with Dolph Ziggler. Lana is sad. This angle suddenly has earned way too much television time, and I worry this will lose the novelty very quickly and become stale prematurely. Drag it out, keep it flowing, don’t throw it like a brick in our faces. Fans deserve better.

The New Day comes out, bringing out a table covered in bubble wrap. They are now on a campaign to save the lives of tables everywhere. The crusade meets an obstacle known as the 3D as the Dudleys earn a victory over the New Day. I wonder if New Day will be dropping the championships so quickly after just regaining them, and whether there is some long-term plan. New Day is still over as great heel-comedy champions, however with or without titles, they are always looking good. Hell, when they lose, they are better. Question becomes, does another championship reign benefit the Dudleys? WWE? Tag Team Division? Que Bono?

Seth Rollins is out for his segment to call out Sting, but first equates himself to Triple H and surmises one day he will surpass him. Really? McMahon have any other daughters for you to marry? Plan on running the company one day? After a brief tirade, he demands Sting comes out to return his Authority-promised statue. Instead, Stephanie McMahon comes out. She cautions Rollins to choose his words carefully in regards to comparing himself to The Game. Instead, Stephanie gives him a pep-talk to stop allowing Sting from getting into his head.

Just when we thought we were getting one RAW without him, out comes John Cena to a chorus of “John Cena Sucks” chants. He puts everyone on the spot, cashing in on his rematch clause, and Stephanie goes along with it. Seth Rollins loses his mind as Sting comes out, standing side by side. I never thought I would see that in my lifetime.

Rollins does not get his statue back.